Dr. Sebi Food List – Alkaline Foods

Dr. Sebi Food List – Alkaline Foods

Have you heard about Dr. Sebi and his alkaline foods?

Because if not, you’re surely missing out!

You see an alkaline-rich diet can genuinely work wonders for your health, and it’s pretty easy to follow, too, considering there are no crazy ingredients or complicated recipes involved.

So, if you want to consciously choose alkaline, high-potassium foods, then we know just the healthy foods for you to try! And you know what? This discovery just might change your entire life – at least as far as food is concerned. It did for me!

Who is Dr. Sebi?

First things first, who is Dr. Sebi?

Well, Dr. Sebi is actually no doctor at all. His birth name is Alfredo Darrington Bowman, and he's really just a self-acclaimed herbalist, healer, and naturalist who propagated the concept of the human body’s ability to heal itself. His idea was that diseases directly result from acidic diets, which offsets our body's natural pH levels.

Dr Sebi

The purpose of Dr. Sebi’s Food List

To promote alkaline and high-potassium foods, he prepared a list of alkaline foods that could help the body maintain its natural pH environment while also helping individuals foster a healthier lifestyle by making healthy food choices. And the purpose of this list was obviously to facilitate shifting from a processed diet to a more natural, alkaline-focused diet that is easy for our bodies to digest.

Why Are Alkaline Foods Important

Alkaline foods are absolutely essential for helping our bodies maintain a healthy pH. Too many acidic foods can lead to inflammation, other health issues, and even chronic illnesses. On the contrary, alkaline foods are considered healthy foods because they help keep the body at a steady pH and ultimately promote overall health.

Dr. Sebi’s list of foods focuses on alkaline and high-potassium foods and is broadly divided into six categories – fruits, vegetables, grains, spices, nuts and seeds, and herbs. Hence, the list includes healthy foods in many different forms, including but not limited to avocado, papaya, quinoa, mangoes, dates, and kale. And incorporating these elements into your diet will allow your body to thrive since it gets all the nutrients it needs while still maintaining a reasonable pH.

Want to Start Eating Healthy?

Now that you know the foods that you need to stay healthy, here are a few product recommendations to make healthy eating more accessible for you:

#1 Vital Fruit Blend

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#2 Vital Vegetable Blend

We understand that eating vegetables isn’t easy, which is why we recommend our Vital Vegetable Blend as your ultimate daily vegetable fix. It has all the necessary nutrients that you need to thrive – all derived from organic ingredients like organic kale, organic arugula, organic zucchini, organic squash, organic tomatoes, organic dandelion leaves, organic basil, organic lime peel, organic raspberry leaf, and organic oregano. Click here to try Vital Vegetable Blend

Because remember, a healthy body starts with a healthy diet, so choose the right foods – your body will thank you for it!

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