Call Me Nahdu is a wellness brand that provides essential knowledge and products to help boost your health and overall wellbeing. We provide non-medicinal products using organic whole foods. All produce is personally sourced with care and patience. We do not use any third party manufactures or laboratories to produce our products.

Why We Started

Growing up my friends and I were addicted to all kinds of junk food. In order to lose weight and enhance our overall health we began to make changes to our diet and our way of life. Fast forward over a decade later, our goal now is to provide assistance to those looking to adopt, adjust or transition to a healthier lifestyle. We know that consistency can be difficult, and cravings can be hard to overcome. Our products are made to provide easy consumable vital nutrients to the body as well as influence the microbiome.

Our Benefits

Vital supplements provide essential nutrients and minerals that the body
needs. Our ingredients are derived from only fruits and vegetables and provides the body with a boost in nutrients. It is well known that food today lacks the potency of nutrients and minerals that they once contained. This can cause us to be nutrient deficient in some areas, requiring us to increase our intake of certain fruits or vegetables. With Vital you can get a good dose of the nutrients and minerals that various fruits and vegetables provide all in one shot. Vital is 100% safe being pure organic whole foods.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Who is Nahdu

"The property of God"

The term Nahdu or Nadu has various meanings that encompass a central idea. In Tamil its original meaning is “the cultivated or settled area”. Some of its other meanings are an equilibrium, a source, the approximate middle point, a place or part of anything (the central region), a territory, a body of people, and the system of, governing a state, a country. A country or place is the sum total of the lives that reside within it. A country is represented by the people, the animals, the insects, the plants and the minerals. All the kingdoms of nature. To the planet, a country is as an organ or a limb is to the body. Though unique and identifiable it is but a piece of a whole.

 Call Me Nahdu is the affirmation that "I am the land, the people, and the planet. The sum total of lives on earth represents the life of the planet and it is the life of the planet that resides in me, as me. So although my name may be "insert your name" (unique and identifiable), you can "Call Me Nahdu". 

The Creator | Terence Smith

At the age of 24 I was suffering from constipation, a weak immune system, fatigue, and a long list of other issues. While helping a good friend of mine lose over 200 lbs, I embarked on a journey of transformation that changed my life forever.

With over a decade of experience as a wellness coach and coordinator, I gained the knowledge and experience to know what "works" and what "does not work" when it comes to healing. From cooking healthy meals for clients, family and friends to developing food products, I gained first hand knowledge on providing beneficial nutrition for the body.

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