RAW Vegan Tacos Recipe - Made With Walnut Meat

RAW Vegan Tacos Recipe - Made With Walnut Meat

Vegan Tacos

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Tacos anyone? Growing up tacos where never a favorite of mine. I think that was due to the vegetables and uncooked shredded cheese. Vegetables where not my thing when I was growing up neither. I pretty much never ate them, unless it was broccoli. Not eating vegetables resulted in me getting sick very easily. Something as simple as me sleeping with no shirt on would leave me with a cold for a week.

I enjoyed cheese and other dairy produce when I was this age, this was pretty much all of my child hood. The interesting thing was I use to drink a lot of milk thinking it got me stronger, I had no idea I was building up mucus. The nemesis of good health. When It came to cheese shredded cheese had to be cooked for me. You could say my mind was a bit robotic when it came to this. I am currently 36 and I will say this vegan taco with cabbage is actually better than the tacos I use to eat growing up.

Vegan tacos walnut meat

For long time vegans, this taco is a reminder of something nostalgic from our youth. The best part about this taco is that its RAW. Outside of that it provides good portions of food. It takes a lot more to fill this taco than a normal taco.The walnut meat makes all the difference and the pesto brings it home.

This taco packs a good measure of protein and is a good meal for any vegan athlete in to raw foods. This recipe is pretty simple, the walnut meat is the most important part. With the walnut meat we use tomato and limes as a healthy natural acidic to provide flavor. Cumin is our other impactful seasoning however it can be made without it.

Raw Vegan tacos with walnut meat


RAW Vegan Tacos recipe instructions


First thing to do is to get the sheets of cabbage off the cabbage for the taco. We do this by cutting the sheet at its rare. This is the part that connects to center of the cabbage. Just give this part a horizontal slit and push the single sheet from here. If you pull the sheets of cabbage they'll tend to break apart. If you push it from the rare the sheets are least likely to break. Put these to the side after they break off.

For the walnut meat take out at least three cups, this will be enough for two to three tacos +. The more walnuts you use the more meat you will obviously make. Put the walnuts into the processor with a half of tomato and the quarter of lime. After everything processes put it on a baking tray to sit in the oven for at least 15 - 20 mins. Baking the walnuts on 200 will leave it in the raw category. We're just pulling some of the moisture from it. Add your seasoning to the walnuts after you place it on the tray. Sea salt and cumin are good seasonings to use.

For pesto, clean the processor and first add your avocado. Then add your lime, walnuts and basil along with olive oil. Blend until you get a creamy texture. Add basil and olive oil to your liking.

Chop up the bell pepper and fry it hard. I would suggest frying it in olive oil. Coconut oil is ok too.

Place the alfalfa sprouts in the cabbage first, spread it out. Then add your cucumber and grape tomatoes. After this place your walnut meat into the cabbage, the more the marrier. After the walnut meat add your bell pepper. Add pesto to your liking and boom! You have your immune system boosting vegan taco.

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