What is the alkaline diet and is it good for you?

What is the alkaline diet and is it good for you?

What is the alkaline diet?

Stress, polluted environments, unhealthy diet and lack of sleep are factors that can hamper your energy levels. Consequently, an increase in unhealthy behaviors influence your overall health and well-being. In an effort to improve health, many lifestyle bloggers, celebrities and people around the world have started to endorse the Dr Sebi diet.

 Otherwise known as the alkaline diet, it encourages people to consume foods that help the body achieve an alkaline state. It is a state where the pH levels in the body are greater than 7. An acidic body is at a higher risk for several diseases including weight gain, or cancer etc. as chronic illnesses tend to thrive in such an environment. To balance the acidity in the body, it is essential to alter the pH levels of the food you consume; which is why people are moving towards an alkaline or Dr Sebi diet.

alkaline meal healthy lunch 

The alkaline diet has gained popularity by highlighting the consumption of alkaline-based food to modify the pH balance in your body. Its aim is to counter an acid-rich diet, which can cause a variety of diseases. This diet encourages the consumption of foods and beverages (such as the alkaline water).  An alkaline diet will boost your energy, aid you to sleep better, and protect against cancer. Eating a diet that consists of alkaline foods (70-80%) will dramatically improve overall health. 

 Proponents of the alkaline diet and several studies suggest that by consuming more alkaline-based ingredients such as organic basil, organic kale and organic zucchini etc. you will be able to preserve a neutral pH level of the body.

Does an alkaline diet help fight cancer?

 In turn, it keeps you healthy and reduces susceptibility to illnesses like cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Cancer cells and tumors are seen to grow faster in acidic environments, which can accelerate or lead to the migration of different cancers.  Even though this diet might not cure cancer or other autoimmune diseases, the Dr Sebi diet is helpful for fighting these illnesses by offering an environment that restraints growth.

Alkaline water

 Along with a shift in food groups that you can consume, you must never ignore the requirement for drinking eight glasses of water every day. To achieve optimal results on this diet, it is best to add alkaline water to your routine. Alkaline water has a higher potential hydrogen compared with regular drinking water. You will be able to soothe acid reflux, enhance hydration, improve bone health and increase longevity with alkaline water.

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Alkaline water has a pH of 7.4 and above. Water that has a pH level below 7.4 to 7 is considered neutral. Anything below 7 is considered acidic. Some may question if the pH can be too high for alkaline water, and would that produce any health issues? Research has shown that a higher pH has not posed any health risks however it may cause skin to become dry, itchy, and irritated. For this reason, spring water is considered our best source of alkaline water, with a pH normally ranging right around 7.4.

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What to know if starting an alkaline diet 

Dr Sebi diet is good for you if you intend to boost energy levels, promote digestion, and increase overall life quality. Moreover, you can optimize the benefits from this diet by taking different supplements such as VITAL - Raw Alkaline Supplement. With all organic ingredients, you are bound to fight off diseases as you get an immune system boost. Similar to Dr Sebi’s diet, this supplement is composed of non-hybrid ingredients which are foundational to a true alkaline diet.

  The alkaline diet emphasizes choosing natural foods that are normally good for you however it is important to know that all fruits and vegetables are not considered healthy. It is imperative to consult a doctor before modifying eating patterns. This diet is similar to a vegan diet, which is why you can miss out on animal protein. You can take different alkaline friendly supplements or other sources that support this diet.

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